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My Yoga Online Launches Get Lean Get Healthy Challenge

Below is a press release from My Yoga Online:

With stress levels higher than ever and time being increasingly stretched, My Yoga Online has the solution by combining the several thousand year old practice of yoga with a modern approach to overall health, diet and exercise. The Get Lean Get Healthy Challenge, is one of the many Whole Health Programs My Yoga Online has designed to meet critical needs that exist today. Guiding you with expert information, videos and tips to positively impact and enhance your life.

MyYogaOnlineMy Yoga Online builds and provides your own tool kit for a lifetime of wellness and your best body ever. Recognizing the need for a flexible approach, My Yoga Online designs programs based on personal needs and preferences. Members rave about the ease of access to world-class instruction for mind-body practices, viewable anytime, anywhere. combines physical fitness, advanced healing modalities, and the ancient science of yoga with the best of modern convenience.

Each, My Yoga Online, Whole Health Program is composed of eight stages delivered by email every 3 days, on the user’s chosen schedule, featuring 4 components, a series of top tips providing you with whole health tools, a tailored selection of useful videos based on user’s interest, energy and ability level, and articles on selected Whole Health subjects, written by experts in the My Yoga Online community. A generous incentive prize package will be distributed to one lucky participant at the end of the Challenge.

• Stage 1 – Begins with observing eating patterns by keeping a food journal for 7 days.
• Stage 2 – Brings focus to mindful eating
• Stage 3  – Examines the stress connection
• Stage 4  – Provides the lowdown on carbohydrates
• Stage 5  – Gives food for thought reviewing essentials for maintaining a healthy weight
• Stage 6  – Advises on healthy snacking
• Stage 7 – Shows you how to know your body, love your body
• Stage 8  – Provides useful information on the swapping solution, what to swap out, and in for better health and a happier body

my-yoga-boundWe created these Whole Health Programs as a user-friendly, modern inter-face for people to make positive changes in the areas where they are needed most, says Co-Founder, Michelle Trantina. We believe that knowing why and how we eat, eating the best quality foods, reducing stress levels, and practicing yoga and meditation are key to making lasting change and avoiding the pitfalls of fad diets and the frustration that so often ensues. I can’t even count how many people I have witnessed that start practicing yoga regularly, and suddenly their entire approach to body-self awareness, wellness, and food, changes for the better. It isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about being healthy – in both body, and mind. is an online global resource, committed to promoting mind-body health, wellness and holistic living. Providing access to hundreds of online yoga, Pilates, and meditation videos and expert information on healthy living, workplace wellness, green living, expert health advice, a Q&A forum with professionals, and more. For more information visit or call Irene Zafiris at 1-888-488-3877

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The Calm Before the Storm

CK and I had a rocky night, but before we laid our heads on the pillows, we reconciled our differences. There’s no fight we couldn’t get over. We were truly in love.

The next morning, I woke up early to work out with CK in his rooftop gym. It was our first time up there, and we were finally going to workout together, or at least we both thought so. It turned out, we had different ideas of working out. While CK was on his cleanse, I too was trying to lose weight. That was only going to happen for me if I did cardio workouts. Lifting wasn’t going to help me shed any pounds, and that was the priority over bulking up. He wasn’t willing to join me for cardio, and I wasn’t willing to lift, so we worked out at the same time on opposite ends of the gym. When he finished, I was nearly done my three-mile run, sweating profusely from head to toe. I wanted to take off my shirt and use it as a sweat rag, but I wasn’t sure if that was P.C. in his gym, and there were others working out as well. When I finished, we rode the elevator back down to his place so we could shower and get ready for work.

As per usual, we showered together. This had become a regular thing for us. We rarely showered alone anymore. We weren’t always making out or having sex in there: It just seemed a better use of both our time to shower together. We were beginning to work out a system between us. Our routine was falling into place.

The one thing I slightly resented when sleeping over at his apartment was the lack of breakfast. It was getting expensive for me to continuously purchase breakfast every time I slept there. I made sure to provide him with the necessary items for breakfast, but we hadn’t seemed to get to that stage at CK’s apartment. I wasn’t going to make a stink about that. One thing at a time. I was happy he finally had all his boxes unpacked and a bed to be honest. Breakfast could be dealt with down the road.

We got ready and were out the door. We’d also managed to figure out we could commute together to work. Originally, he was walking to a different subway than I was, but after further investigation, I learned we could both catch the necessary subways from the same station, and it would be the same distance for CK. Every morning we walked together and said goodbye with a kiss on the platform. It was a simple routine, but I was already thoroughly enjoying our morning walk to work together.

That night, CK had to work late. I went home and went to free outdoor yoga on the pier in Hoboken with my roommate instead of CK. We were spending the night apart. He had to be at work early the following morning for a pitch. When I got home from yoga, I made dinner, watched TV and fell asleep in my bed alone after chatting with CK about his day.

I woke up early the next morning feeling lost. The man I loved wasn’t there. It was shocking how much of a difference it made having him in my bed. I didn’t sleep nearly as well as I did when he was present. It was like I was an infant all over again missing my mother’s heartbeat. I needed to feel him close to me to get a good night’s sleep. I forced myself to get out of bed and motivated myself for a nice morning run along the Hudson. I stopped to take pictures for Instagram of the city where I knew my boyfriend was still soundly sleeping.

I ran back home, finished getting ready and stopped by the allergist for my shot before heading to work. I was really committing to getting in shape and losing weight, so that afternoon, I took lunch at the gym. I wanted a six-pack again, and I wanted shoulders, arms and pecs I could be proud of again. When I finished, I was in a spectacular mood. I shot CK a text to remind him how much I love him. I was also horny from the endorphins running through my veins. I started to sext him, telling him all the things I wished I could do to him in the gym shower.

Warning: The following may be too graphic for some. That’s always been a fantasy of mine, however, I never had any desire to do it with complete strangers. In an ideal world, CK and I would go to the same gym. We’d walk in together, but not acknowledge each other while we were in the gym working out. When he was finished, he would head into to the lockers to shower. He’d strip down in front of me, not acknowledging my existence before strutting to the shower of his choice. I would follow just behind and slip into his shower stall and close the curtain behind me. We’d have sex under the hot water without causing too much commotion to attract attention from others. After finishing inside him, I would rinse off and leave the shower like nothing happened. He would finished washing up and recovering from our tryst while I got dressed and headed home like nothing happened to start making dinner. He would follow a few minutes behind, and the first time we would acknowledge each other would be at the door where I’d welcome him home from a hard day’s work at the office with a big kiss. We’d eat our dinner with big smiles knowing we have an epic sex-life. Some day…

So in shorter terms, I described this situation to him over text. When I first began, he thought I meant to text someone else. He must have thought I was cheating on him with someone at the gym. I assured him the texts were for him and reminded him how the conversation begane explaining that this was my fantasy. I also pointed out the irony of the situation and detailed how he was the one who sexted the wrong person, not me (just like the first day we started chatting and he wanted me to come over for sex).

That night, I had plans to see Porgy and Bess with my coworker, so I didn’t see him again. I think he felt a bit left out, but I’d been coworkers with this girl for over five years, and the two of us had never hung out outside work together. I also had to head to our Chelsea office to work early in the morning. I took the opportunity of being off the radar a bit to hit the gym again that afternoon, this time for a run on the treadmill. I began thinking about CK and I in the gym once again, but it would remain a fantasy.

When I finished work, I went to my volleyball game, came home to shower and made my way into the city to spend the night in CK’s bed. We’d spent a decent amount of time apart considering we’d been spending every waking minute together outside our workdays. I was thrilled to see him and even more ecstatic I was sleeping with him that night. After a late-night romp, we dozed off in each other’s arms. When we woke in the morning, we hit the gym once again. Alas, we worked out on opposites sides of the gym once again.

When we finished, we continued our routine of getting ready for work and were out the door. That night, after work, I ran home and grabbed my things for the weekend. We had a big weekend coming up, and I had to pack for many different options. It was EXTREMELY frustrating because I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing, I wasn’t going to be home again until Sunday at the earliest, and it was Pride Weekend. I asked CK for help on what to pack, and he was of no use. The fight was quickly escalating over the phone, and my frustration level was at its peak. I wasn’t used to going to gay events and circuit parties, and I was feeling a lot of pressure. This was a burden I’d been carrying around for weeks, and the moment of truth was arriving. This was going to be my first full Pride Weekend, and I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. I was scared sh*tless!…

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Count Phone Numbers, Not Calories Pt. 2

Two and a half weeks ago, I wrote a post about The Fresh Diet. A food delivery service for us singles that helps them watch their waistline while freeing up the time we usually spend slaving away in the kitchen making a healthy meal.

In my last post, I told you the food looks amazing. Now, I’m happy to tell you it also tastes amazing! It surpassed all my expectations. I signed up for a week-long trial of the program and am on my fifth day of delivery. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this!

Every morning I wake up excited. It’s like Christmas morning every day. There is a lunch bag sitting just outside my apartment door with three fresh, healthy calorie-controlled meals and two decadent snacks cooked fresh daily in state-of-the-art local kitchens. Of course I chose my own menu for the week so I should know what I’m getting, but who can remember what they picked with so many delectable offerings to choose from.

I have to admit, I am someone who loves cooking. I generally find the time to cook and find it relaxing. I make it a priority. But, after having all my food taken care of this week, I have found a benefit I was not expecting. It’s mentally taxing to try to figure out what to make for dinner every night. My life became surprisingly much less stressful this week. I had no idea how much brainpower I wasted just thinking about what to cook and making sure I had everything I needed from the grocery store. Maybe all that stress over trying to come up with something both tasty and healthy wasn’t worth it. For $29.99/day, someone would take care of all that hassle for me.

Like I said last time, The Fresh Diet is not only easy, convenient, and delicious, it also won’t break the bank either. When you break it out, it’s really pretty damn reasonable. Working in New York City, food is very expensive. Even going grocery shopping in the greater metro area can kill your wallet. Now, of course I wouldn’t normally spend $10 on breakfast, but I also wouldn’t be able to find a healthy tasty meal for dinner for $10, so it all balances out. And to top it off, delivery is FREE!

With all my food worries taken care of, I was able to get out of bed at a later time this week because breakfast and lunch were already prepared. All I needed to do was reheat breakfast and pack up lunch to take to work, and after a hard day at work, dinner was waiting in for me the fridge  when I got home.

Every night, I would place my empty cooler bag back in the hallway excited by the thought of what it would be filled with in the morning — Always exceptionally pleasant surprises.

The Fresh Diet also helps me keep my calories on track. When I went to their website to pick my meals, apparently one day I was very carb heavy. A warning message popped up encouraging me to make an alternative choice for that meal. Most times I made the switch, but some days the choices just sounded too delicious, so I chose to ignore the advice (Whoopsie!). You can also note the foods you dislike. The Fresh Diet will notify you any time you choose something containing any of these items.

I wasn’t the only one excited by The Fresh Diet. Reading my daily menu became a ritual at work. Coworkers were always curious what I brought in, and I even shared a few bites with them after raving how good the food actually is. “Wow! It’s like those eggs were lightly bathed in some amazing basil oil. That’s good!” one of my coworkers exclaimed after I encouraged her to try a bite of my Whole Wheat Breakfast Bruschetta (I brought breakfast and lunch to work that day). I replied, “And I just popped that in the microwave for two minutes.” She was amazed.

In participating in the diet for a week, I came to realize how many extra calories I was consuming every day above what my daily intake should be. Since the food was portioned out for me, I was able to notice the snacking that was sabotaging my workouts at the gym. It became quite an eye-opening experience. I’m curious after the week to see if I’ve shed any pounds — Fingers crossed.

The Fresh Diet really did get me out of the kitchen so I could manage the more important things in life, like dating. It was the perfect week for The Fresh Diet since I had four dates in five days. It gave me the free time to meet some prospective men and not worry about having to go home and eat Kraft macaroni and cheese.

I can honestly say I fully back The Fresh Diet whole-heartedly. It’s rare for me to get behind something without a word of criticism, but I have to say, I have none. The service is impeccable. When I asked if they could deliver my food to my apartment door and not just my lobby, they accommodated my request. It’s definitely something you should at least try out. I was shocked. And to make things even easier, they’re offering a deal: Receive 3 days free with the purchase of a 31 day plan at $29.99 per day” The promo code is: singlmar29 (You can click on their logo in this post to check it out). I highly recommend you give them a shot. You won’t regret it!

So, if you’re like me and are having a hard time being single and fitting everything in (like finding time to write blog posts and cook a healthy dinner 😉 ), then give The Fresh Diet a shot. They’ll not only take care of your waistline and busy schedule; they’ll also entertain your palate like you’d never expect!

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Count Phone Numbers, Not Calories

Being single is VERY time-consuming. It’s hard enough trying to find a suitable mate. On top of that, you have to find the time to feed both your metabolic and sexual appetites. There are only so many hours in the day, many of which I waste searching for Mr. Right. Like me, I’m sure you crave companionship, but also can’t neglect the sustenance your body needs to function and look your best when that delicious mate is served up for you.

We all know how difficult it is to cook for one. I genuinely long for the day I can cook a satisfying meal for my husband and I, but until that day comes along, it’s nearly impossible to make anything satisfying/healthy for myself alone. The mere thought of it has me reaching for a bottle of wine (usually a Malbec these days) to serve myself a generous pour in my giant wine glass while listening to sappy soft rock or tuning to an episode of Chelsea Lately on my DVR. So gay. So depressing!

That’s where The Fresh Diet comes in — A new service for singles. It helps free up the time you usually spend slaving away in the kitchen making a healthy meal so you can spend more time counting phone numbers instead of calories. What’s better than fresh, healthy three calorie-controlled meals and two decadent snacks cooked fresh daily in state-of-the-art local kitchens and delivered straight to your door every day. And let’s face it. The food looks amazing! The Fresh Diet gets you out of the kitchen so you can manage the more important things in life, like your social calendar. On top of the added benefit of more free time, you’ll be able to keep your diet in check and your sexy-barometer off the charts!

If you’re anything like me, you not only count calories, but also dollars. Living/working in the New York City metro area is NOT CHEAP. It’s downright expensive, so even the slightest advantage to help you be smart with your dollars can go a long way. The Fresh Diet is not only easy, convenient, and delicious, it also won’t break the bank either. The recession is hurting all our wallets right now. And, let’s face it. You’re probably spending more on fast take-out than you would on The Fresh Diet. Your sabotaging your waistline as much as your hard-earned paycheck. And to top it off, delivery is FREE!

Who isn’t looking for the easiest way to have fresh, nutritionally balanced meals for healthy weight loss. I work hard to make sure I continue to look like that guy in the upper right hand side of your screen holding a towel ;). But when I have no time, the first thing I reach for is never a healthy option. It usually means something like Kraft macaroni and cheese. With The Fresh Diet, I can open my fridge and know I have something waiting to satisfy my palate and help me shed the pounds at the same time — No cooking, no counting, no clean up. According to their website, you can lose 10 pounds this month with The Fresh Diet (average weight loss is 1-3 lbs. per week). Even when I’m counting calories, I cheat. With The Fresh Diet, they deliver 1200-1400 calorie range for women and 1400 – 2200 calorie range for men. Just what I need to be beach-body ready now that it’s getting warmer out. And this isn’t some fad diet that’s gonna have you yo-yo diet until you can’t take it anymore. It’s healthy weight loss.

The good people at The Fresh Diet are also currently running a special offer. Receive 3 days free with the purchase of a 31 day plan at $29.99 per day”. The promo code is: singlmar29. (You can click on their logo in this post to check it out). Now that’s a deal I can get behind! I can’t think of the last time I ate in New York City for $10/day. Now that’s a amazing deal!

So, if you’re like me and are having a hard time being single and fitting everything in (like finding time to write blog posts and cook a healthy dinner 😉 ), then give The Fresh Diet a shot. Let them take care of the work in the kitchen and your waistline.

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