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WTF is Ashton Kutcher Doing Now?

Have you guys seen this?  What is Ashton Kutcher up to!? Apparently, even the success of his new show, Two and a Half Men, isn’t helping him find true love. He’s really putting himself out there now with a new series of dating videos.

I guess this is how you get over Demi Moore. Check it out!

Who knew he was so versatile!?

With the help of an Academy Award-winning make-up and hair team, Ashton was transformed into four very different and colorful characters:

    • Darl, the over-the-top, vain fashion designer who loves his dog, Pupu.
    • Nigel, the introspective new-age hippie with deep thoughts and wisdom.
    • Swordfish, the sweet, sensitive, lovable Harley-loving biker who tells his stories through his tattoos and his life on the road.
    • Raj, the happiest guy on Earth who is a Bollywood director looking for love based on his knowledge of pop culture and his glowing optimism.

Raj is by far my favorite. Everyone loves an inappropriately naive Indian man with a crush on the Kardashians, however, none of these guys stand up to the raw sex appeal of Ashton Kutcher simply being himself.

Together, along with Ashton himself, they are all in search of love at What do you think the chances are I’m his true love?

Check out the site to see if share the same love as Ashton…

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