Handing in My Gay V-Card

I struggled with covering this topic so early in my blogging, but it fit in the timeline now. While I never get deep into specifics, if you are uncomfortable with the topic, I suggest you stop reading further through this post…

Something that always scared me was losing my gay virginity!

I mean, I’ve seen penetration in porn more times than I can count. Still doesn’t mean I had any clue what to expect. I was also never one to play around the back door — Never really an area of thrill for me, so it remained neglected. You also hear stories of girls popping their cherries and the pain they felt — I had a feeling that it would be similar for a guy.

I can’t recall how far into the relationship we were when penetration finally occurred. A little over a month maybe.

We decided to spend a night at my place. It wasn’t planned or anything we discussed specifically ahead of time. It just sprung from the passion of the moment. He took charge since this was my first time and obviously not his.

He was a very good candidate to take my V-card. Well hung, but not something that scared the sh*t out of me.

I tried to just relax. I have to say, it went much smoother than I expected. No searing pain. An interesting feeling having your prostate poked for the first time, I must say. This is where the pleasure stemmed — not the actual insertion itself. It certainly wasn’t my favorite part of sex (I love foreplay most) but still enjoyable. I felt closer to him than ever before. The care in his eyes made me feel at ease.

The next morning, we flipped, and he let me have my way with him. Big weekend for me! Two firsts in a matter of hours… I definitely enjoyed this more than receiving. While this became the typical horizontal arrangement, we shared all aspects of sex with each other over time.

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