Roller-Coasters, Waterslides and Homophobes…


About 2 months into dating the Broadway dancer, I came up with a brilliant date idea.

Of course, since his schedule only allowed for Mondays off, I took a Monday off and borrowed a friend’s car.


He spent the night before at my place so we could leave early in the morning. However, this did not happen.

At the time (and still do), I had a penchant for morning sex. Since we started sleeping together, I always woke up horny, which rarely worked in my favor because he was not a morning person. I would have to coax it out of him for about 15-20 minutes before he’d finally come to life.

I also had another internal dilemma.  My friend’s car needed to be moved for street sweeping that morning. The choice was sex or a $45 fine.

Of course I chose the sex. Yup. This would be the first time I paid for sex… (Hopefully the last)

After we finally got a move on, he was very sweet the whole ride out there. He was holding my hand and giving me kisses at stops. I had only told him where we were going the night before so he could dress accordingly. Up until then I told him I was kidnapping him for the day.

We grabbed lunch and went into the amusement park hitting up all the great roller-coasters.

About half way through the day, we came across a pavilion where a dance show is performed.  The show was scheduled to begin in a half hour, and he really wanted to see some bad dancers. We grabbed a bite and a bench and waited for the show to start.

At the start, it was obvious there were a few ‘mos in this dance troop. About half way through, there was an audience participation element. Two of the girls came out into the audience and immediately walked up to us. I wasn’t paying attention, looking off into space, but when I turned back, luckily he was shaking his head no… There was no way in hell that I was walkin’ up on that stage to put on some straw hat and hold a banjo. They soon found two little girls who were more than thrilled to replace us. You know those guys were backstage picking us out of the crowd specifically.

Later that day, we hit up the water park. Now, we’re in the middle of Pennsylvania at this point. This park was like the website Not the most tolerant and accepting of locales to the gays. But we managed to make do. We found moments passing through a cave or under a waterfall to make out for a hot second in “private.” I was starting to come out of my shell and learned to care a lot less about other people watching our PDA in public.

All-in-all, the day was pretty spectacular. We had to dart home because he had a birthday dinner to attend. I drove like a madman in a taxi cab (only in a Ford Explorer instead) up the streets of NY so he could quickly shower, change and return him back downtown to the dinner.

To this day he still talks about how great of a date choice it was…

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