New Friends

While walking back to the PATH from a date with one of the rudest guys I’ve ever encountered, I texted another guy I had been chatting with on Grindr over the past week. He seemed like a great guy, so I thought I’d see if he was available to grab a drink since I was in the city, and it was still early. After not being able to reach him, I began texting and calling other friends to see if they were interested in going out to the bar in Hoboken. I reached one of my friends who was out on a date with her boyfriend in the city. She was headed to the PATH train herself, so we agreed to hit up the bar when we arrived back in Hoboken.

Just as I was about to hop on the PATH, I got a phone call from the sexy man I had been talking to on Grindr. He was available and inviting me to come cuddle, but I told him we’d pick another night. I already made plans.

I met my friend and her boyfriend outside the PATH on the other side of the Hudson River, and the three of us walked to 1Republik. My usual bartender was working, so I said hello and ordered us drinks. I had a Johnnie Walker, and she looked at me with a confused look. She said, “Since when?” I told her I often drink it, but definitely needed it tonight after my failed date (that’s the understatement of the year). I recounted my date to my friend and her boyfriend. She was shocked and couldn’t believe I went on the date at all.

In the meantime, another friend arrived, just about the time the happy couple was ready to head to bed. I told her of my date from hell as well, as she looked at me with wide eyes and asked how I didn’t throw my drink on him and stiff him with the bill.

I felt the need to circle back to the guy who chatted with me earlier. He helped pass the time while I waited for the a$shole with whom I was supposed to be on a date. I told him I was back in Hoboken, and he should come grab a beer at 1Republik. It was already understood, at least on my end, this was not a romantic interest. We had spoken before on Grindr and exchanged pictures. He was almost half my height, so nothing of a dating relationship would ensue. However, I was alway looking to make new friends, especially gay ones, since I was very lacking in that department.

He and his friend arrived at the bar to find the line about twenty-five people deep. They weren’t interested in waiting in line and rightfully so. I told him we would come out and hit up a different bar.

When we got outside, I was met by the odd couple. There was this tiny rough, tough guy standing next to this well built tall blondie who was a big ball of fluff. They made for an interesting match. We introduced ourselves to each other and walked to a quiet bar to sit and chat.

At the bar, Court Street, I came to learn the blonde has a boyfriend in the city of about four months. We talked about their dynamic and Blondie made a comment about how he gets emotional at times, showing his feminine side. I barked at him to stop speaking that way. It is what perpetuates the stereotypes. Showing your emotions is not a feminine thing. If anything, its even more masculine when a real man is confident enough show his emotions. There’s nothing feminine about it. He saw my point, but I don’t think he fully agreed. This guy wasn’t extremely effeminate, but after a conversation with him, you could certainly tell he was gay.

The other guy had been a little quieter, and has been single for some time. He is very masculine and loves football and baseball. From the look of him and a full conversation, you’d never know he was gay. I always find these encounters interesting. I find that quality very attractive. I look for it in all the men I date. However, there was no attraction to this man.

We had a great conversation and my female friend asked a lot of questions. I always love having those types of conversations and educating heterosexuals about the other side of the spectrum. Then the time came for last call. We finished our beers and made our way to the door.

The little guy and I were heading in the same direction, while the other two went the opposite direction.

I chatted with the little guy as we walked towards my apartment. I had a few suspicions he may have been attracted to me and hoping for something at the end of the walk, but I was much more interested in making new friends.

In the end, we shook hands and parted ways. He suggested we get together again soon for beers, and I agreed. Writing this has just reminded me, we’re due for a beer, and I need to drop him a line…

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  1. #1 by ajnabi86 on October 11, 2011 - 11:59 PM

    interesting read mate I had never thought before that being emotional could be classed as masculine. I’ve just moved to anew city and I found this guys video quite funny and educational in making new friends. I hope it helps

    • #2 by One Gay at a Time on October 12, 2011 - 10:06 AM

      Great link! Just finished watching it. I may have to use these skills in the near future, or if I ever find myself in one of my most uncomfortable situations… a gay bar…

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