I’m on a Boat

Life was good. I had a man who enjoyed spending time with me. I had two roommates lined up to live with me, and I didn’t have to move. I was getting back in shape for the summer. I went from being depressed and feeling alone to utter happiness. It couldn’t have all come along at a better time. Life was good.

That Saturday, I woke early and made coffee for N and I. He was still passed out on the couch from the night before. The day before, we made plans to go to my friend’s lake to help her put her boat in the water. We were hoping for better weather. It was pretty miserable outside — very humid and at time sprinkling rain.

I was still on a high from the night before when N told his friend about me. It validated me in my mind. He really did care about me. I was also happy because he was willing to spend so much time with me. I genuinely enjoyed every moment I spent with him. He was willing to come with me and one of my best friends to help her get her boat ready for the summer, even if it was a crappy day outside.

We got on the road around 9:30, grabbed breakfast on the way and ate in the car. I introduced them to my favorite Hoboken cookies, and they were in heaven. It wasn’t a bad ride because traffic hadn’t gotten into full swing yet. When we arrived at the house, we were greeted by her mother and father. We immediately went to the marina to see if the boat was in the water yet. When my friend went in to talk to the men at the marina, N and I sat in the car talking to her mother. It was interesting to see how he spoke to her. He was genuinely a great guy.

When we got to the boat, the three of us hopped in while my friend’s mother drove back to their house. We drove around the lake for a short bit. N was very happy and looked like I did the first few times she took me out on the boat. I loved seeing him smile that much, especially because of the dimples that formed in his cheeks when he did. Such a turn on!

We drove back to the dock because it began to drizzle. We just sat on the boat for a while under the canopy chatting and relaxing. It was nice. When we started to get tired of sitting around, we went inside, and her mother made us sandwich wraps. N requested so many ingredients, she couldn’t even close the wrap. It was comical. This proper British woman was apologizing for her wrap making skills.

After helping her mother assemble a tree trimming apparatus she purchased to thank her for her hospitality, we decided to get on the road. Shortly after departure, N fell asleep in the back seat, and I talked to my good friend about how things were progressing with him as if he wasn’t there. She could tell how happy I was and was happy for me.

We made a few pit stops on the way home to get a few supplies. I planned a bbq that evening so my two new roommates could meet each other and a few of my friends.

Life was looking up, and the night was just getting started…

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