Illuminating Blogger Award

On Thursday, I was nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award!

I was nominated by the blog, College Life- Sex and Relationships, written by Becca Smith, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor at Aurora University, Aurora, IL.  The nomination is for blogs with illuminating and informative content.  I’m honored by this nomination, and I’m truly grateful to all the readers out there that either enjoy or have been helped by reading my blog. I constantly strive to build a community for all to feel comfortable to share their stories in hopes we learn more about each other and ourselves.

In accepting this award, I have to share one random thing about myself: I am excited to be a father some day. I would love to have a son that is of my own blood, but being a gay man, this poses a great challenge. I hope to find a man who shares in my desire to raise children. I even have thoughts on how to make the children genetically part of both our families. I long for the day I get to teach my son how to swim, one of my passions in life. I’m in no rush for this, as I’m only 28, but this is a long-term goal.

Another part of accepting this award is being able to nominate five other talented bloggers. Therefore, I would like to give the Illuminating Blogger Award to the following blogs who shine a light on something that was previously unseen:

My good friend and blogger, Ty, who blogs about his life as a gay Aussie trying to navigate the sea of love. His blog is hosted at

One of my favorite bloggers, Davey Wavey, always covers the topics many of us are afraid to talk about openly (and with his amazing body, he does it in very little clothing, which keeps my attention while he speaks). There’s always something interesting going on at Break the Illusion.

Johnny S does a great job of showing us the courage it takes to go from a married man to a gay man with his detailed accounts of his life at Freshly Gay, a blog I found early on when I just began writing.

Cody Dickerson does a spectacular job collating coming out stories on his blog, Angels of Sodom.

Lastly, I’d like to nominate the writer of Love Gay Sex. His accounts of trying to navigate the ups and downs of life as a Twenty First Century Homo are funny, insightful and sexy.

I encourage you all to check out their blogs. There is some quality content on those pages! I’d also like to thank the originator of this award, Food Stories.

  1. #1 by Food Stories on June 5, 2012 - 11:00 AM

    Great acceptance post 🙂

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