Starting the Routine

At this point in my relationship with N, we started to find a groove. The nights he wasn’t sleeping in my bed were few and far between. We had gone for runs together. He would come over and eat dinner with me, or I would wait for him to finish at the gym so he could come over and order food. We were living the life of the happy couple. And I was eating it up.

This summer, I decided I was going to be more active and take full advantage of all the free programs offered in Hoboken. When free yoga Tuesdays on the pier popped up on my radar, I passed the schedule along to all my friends encouraging them to partake, including N. I had never done yoga before, but I have always had the desire to start. I was thrilled to hear that many of my friends wanted to partake, including N.

That Tuesday, I also had to drop off my motorcycle for an oil change. By the time I got back to Hoboken, I was 20 min late for yoga. Two of my friends were already there, D and K. So I plopped down next to them. In the meantime, yet another friend arrived, and finally, N arrived and found a spot in the back of the group.

The class was great. I really enjoyed myself and felt I got a lot out of the class. When it was over, we all gathered to chat. The lot of us decided to head to Maoz for some healthy dinner. N and I went home to our respective residences to shower before heading to the movies for free movie Tuesdays also in Hoboken. The two of us were joining D and K to see the new X-Men First Class movie.

It was a packed theater, so signs of affection were reserved. Just a little arm touching throughout the film. It was kinda nice. I would have been comfortable holding his hand in a dark theater, but I didn’t want to push it. We were moving forward on his comfort schedule.

When the movie ended, we went back to my apt and took advantage of all of our yoga stretches…


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