The New Definition of Family

This is far from new content, but it nearly brought tears to my eyes while I watched it with my boyfriend this weekend. I didn’t know about this until he appeared on Chelsea Lately to plug his new book, My Two Moms, which I have every intention of reading. I didn’t want anyone else to be as in the dark on him as I was.

What I saw in this young man truly inspired me. My boyfriend and I have talked about raising kids (in due time), and I would be the proudest dad in the world if my kid turned out like this one! He is an amazing speaker and an even more impressive example for other’s to follow. Show him your love and check out his book.

And thank you Zach Wahls and his two mothers. You are an amazing young man, and you should be the proudest mothers for raising such a great symbol for same-sex couples raising children!!!

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