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Gay Terminology

When I was single and “straight,” I used to think about how gay men would react to me when I came out. I kinda always knew I’d be a catch. Now, it’s a little out of control. I have been propositioned by sooo many men on Grindr and I’m not tooting my own horn here. I recognize the quality of men admiring me. And, quantity does not make up for the lack of quality.

Many of the messages I receive are easily understood, such as:

Would you let a dude lick ur feet for cash? $200 U come in, we watch porn, I lick and massage ur feet. I jack off… U sit back and relax. No other touching…  and also…

Wanna come over and breed me?… A bunch of guys are gonna take turns with me. Want in?… (After some time passed with no response from me) Guy who was gonna host can’t anymore. Wanna breed me?

Some take it even further to illustrate their point.

Let me show you what’s gonna happen… (Picture of his massive black dick) U gonna need stitches!

Some of the messages and profiles I see are not so easily deciphered. Things like, looking for? Looking for what? Does this mean what am I into? Are you asking me if I’m looking for a hookup or a relationship? Just ask the question you want an answer to. I’m already in the dark about so much in the gay culture. Code and cryptic messages aren’t helping!

This is where you come in. I’m enlisting the help of everyone who reads my blog/tweets to compile a gay dictionary. I’m new to this game, so things like “M4M” confuse me. I know it means man for man, but when you’re on a gay app, why would you feel the need to say that? Did you mean something else? Obviously, I need someone to help me decode the lingo.

What’s a power-bottom, and how is it different from a regular bottom? I’m so lost!

I tried doing my own research for many of the terms I’ve come across, but this was an overwhelming task.

So I’m asking you to think about the gay terms you see or use and define them in the comments for me. Thanks!

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