Over-Serviced at a Bn’B

When Broadway suggested we get away for a weekend, I was thrilled. He had a place in mind from the get-go — a bed and breakfast in New Hope, Pennsylvania. I grew up in PA and never heard of the town.  It’s a quaint little gay-friendly town nestled on the banks of the Delaware River in the outskirts of Philly. I highly recommend checking it out, especially in the fall or around Christmas.

Until then, I had never stayed at a bn’b or had any burning desire to stay at one (nor did I ever have a companion). However, the idea of getting away for a few days with him sounded amazing! Our relationship was really taking shape, and I couldn’t have been happier with where things were going.

One crisp fall Monday afternoon, I borrowed a friend’s car, and we drove out to the country. For the next 2 days, it was going to be just the two of us. No distractions. I wasn’t even sure if I would have cell phone service.

We arrived at The Mansion Inn and checked in to our room. The manager of this establishment was nothing like what I would expect from a bn’b. He was a very handsome, muscular, masculine man who looked more like a wrestling coach than the manager of an inn.

The room we booked was located outside the main house. We decided a little more privacy would be ideal, so we booked the upstairs room of the carriage house. We were both hungry, so we dropped our bags and began exploring the small town.

We arrived around 3:00, and the town was pretty much shut down. Everywhere we went, we struck out. The kitchens were switching over to the dinner menu. So we meandered around, popping into shops and boutiques and taking pictures on/with a few of the local statues (one of which is a very large dinosaur).

Finally, we came across a pizzeria where we got something to hold us over until dinner. We took our food back to our room to eat in front of the fireplace. You’d be surprised, but pizza on the floor with pillows and a roaring fire can be very romantic. We enjoyed our food, but more importantly, we were really enjoying each other’s company.

Things got so romantic that we moved to the bed. We didn’t take the time to get into the bed as clothes were being flung off. Just after the heavy action ended and we were lying there naked. Him on top of me, I heard a noise at the door. I pick my head up and look over his shoulder to see the housekeeper keying into the door and turning the knob. I was so surprised that when I opened my mouth, nothing came out until the door opened. We both shouted “HELLO!” just as she picked her head up to catch a full glimpse of his bare ass. She quickly shouted back, “I’m so sorry,” and turned to run back down the stairs. We both just looked at each other and laughed hysterically; joking about how it was good she didn’t come in a few moments earlier or we could have asked her to join in.

The Landing Restaurant tucked away on the banks of the Delaware

After that, we showered and went out to dinner at The Landing. We had a very good meal paired with a nice bottle of wine and the sweetest waitress who offered to take a picture of the two of us.

We decided to go back to the bn’b for desert and to use our 2 free drink tickets before heading to bed. The manager was there playing bartender and gave us suggestions for desert. We got 3 and shared them.

We were not embarrassed by the events that took place earlier, but we were very curious how the bn’b would handle the situation. The housekeeper was walking around cleaning things up at the bar, never once making eye contact with either of us.

Finally the manager came over to us and offered 2 more free drinks tickets. “We have 2 other guests coming in late tonight who won’t be able to use their tickets. You’re more than welcome to use them if you like.”

I was a little annoyed because we knew why they were really giving us the tickets. I didn’t appreciate the elaborate story. Acknowledgement of the accident would have been more than ample.

After we finished our desert, we walked back to our room holding hands, slipped off our clothes and hopped into bed for the night.

The next morning we went for brunch and got back on the road to NY. This trip, to date, is the most romantic thing I’ve ever done with anyone, and I will remember it forever.

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  1. #1 by bking84 on December 29, 2011 - 11:39 AM

    this is so adorable.. wow..

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